Bag Lifting Type Centrifuge


Material Unload / Discharge:

Through Top by lifting PP bag Comparative lesser Labour involved.

Suspension / Mounting:

Inertia Plate with Anti Vibration Mounts (4 Point Suspension).

Drive and Transmission:

Variable Frequency Dive (Inverter)

Optional Features:

Fully Opening Outer Case/Lid for better accessibility for cleaning and validation purpose. cGMP construction 

Nitrogen Blanketing, Vibration Monitoring
Zero Speed Interlock with Speed Indicator
Cleaning in Place System (C.I.P. System)


From 600 mm Dia to 1500 mm Dia

Useable Volume:

50Ltrs to 900 Ltrs per batch

Speed of Basket:

500 rpm to 1500 rpm


Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy, Rubber Lined, Fluoro Polymer Coating / Lining  i.e. -Halar (ECTEE), Teflon (PFA)